SPEEDO Jammer 7050700
SPEEDO Jammer (Black (001))
Black (001)
SPEEDO Jammer (Black/Fuchsia (780))
Black/Fuchsia (780)
SPEEDO Jammer (Black/Hot Coral (806))
Black/Hot Coral (806)
SPEEDO Jammer (Blue/Green (403))
Blue/Green (403)
SPEEDO Jammer (Black/Lime (962))
Black/Lime (962)
SPEEDO Jammer (Black/Purple (105))
Black/Purple (105)
SPEEDO Jammer (Blue/Red (992))
Blue/Red (992)
SPEEDO Jammer (Lava Red (625))
Lava Red (625)
SPEEDO Jammer (Jewel Green (357))
Jewel Green (357)
SPEEDO Jammer (DarkTeal(450))
SPEEDO Jammer (Dark Berry(553))
Dark Berry(553)




SPEEDO LZR RacerŽ Elite 2 Jammer

FINA Approved.
Ensures optimal body position in the water.
3D, 3-piece pattern, exclusively quick dry and compressive fabric.
LZR PulseŽ+ Fabric Technology Features:

40% More durable water repellency as compared to LZR RacerŽ Elite.
Full body compression reduces muscle oscillation.
Contours the body into an efficient hydrodynamic shape.
Bonded seams.
Fabric Content:// 65% Nylon/35% LYCRAŽ Spandex.
Same sizing as LZR RacerŽ Elite Jammer.