SPEEDO Jammers 7050700
SPEEDO Jammers (Black (001))
Black (001)
SPEEDO Jammers (Black/Pink (780))
Black/Pink (780)
SPEEDO Jammers (Blue Mist (479))
Blue Mist (479)
SPEEDO Jammers (Blue/Green (403))
Blue/Green (403)
SPEEDO Jammers (Dark Berry(553))
Dark Berry(553)
SPEEDO Jammers (Dark Slate (061))
Dark Slate (061)
SPEEDO Jammers (Dark Teal(450))
Dark Teal(450)
SPEEDO Jammers (Black/Purple (105))
Black/Purple (105)
SPEEDO Jammers (Purple/Teal (518))
Purple/Teal (518)

Brand: Speedo

Product code:7050700


Metro price: $209.00

Product Description:
SPEEDO LZR Racer® Elite 2 Jammer

* FINA Approved.
* The Fastskin LZR Racer® Elite 2 series has sophisticated low-drag fabrics and world-leading technologies to maximize performance and racing efficiency featuring:
* Improved LZR Pulse+ Fabric technology - reengineered with 40% more durable water repellency.
* Full body compression fabrics reduce muscle oscillation, contouring the body into an efficient hydrodynamic shape.
* Fully bonded, ultrasonically welded seams create a smooth surface, reducing skin friction drag by 6% versus sewn seams.
* Silicone leg grippers ensure a snug, solid fit for confidence in your performance.
* Speedo branded seam tape.
* Lightweight, woven fabrics deliver compression without weight.
* Reflective Speedo logo.
* Same sizing as LZR Elite Jammer.