OSLO M427 All Purpose Stopwatch-Green 67968
OSLO M427 All Purpose Stopwatch-Green (Green)

Brand: Robic

Product code:67968


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Product Description:
Fundamental timing, suitable for most sports, recreational and general use activities. Who says all low cost stopwatches are the same?

- Digits are 2 times larger and huge push buttons make this the best choice.
- Times single events
- Unlimited split times
- 1/100 second resolution to 30 minutes
- 1st & 2nd place finish times
- Time-out (pause) timing
- Times up to 24 hours
- Large digital display and oversized pushbuttons
- Time, calendar, alarm
- One year warranty; Silver oxide battery 392
- For those seeking the most economical option... Available in today's most popular colors Ideal for assignment to different people