MARU Girl's Shimmer Ecotech Sparkle Swimsuit (Aqua)

Brand: Maru

Product code:GX0034


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Product Description:
After a particularly rough storm, Felicity the mermaid washed up in Maru's drainage system. As you can imagine, it was quite a shock for a Monday morning! Once we'd made sure she was alright and cleaned up her tail, she told us of her dream to inspire the younger generations to swim. After a lot of discussion, we came up with this concept for our Shimmer Ecotech sparkle Fly Back.

This suit features a blue scale pattern. We included a lot of different shades to give the piece texture and an authentic look. We then put foiling over the whole thing so it always looks like you've just jumped out of the pool! The Fly Back is in a matching aqua blue and looks classic while being comfortable and flexible. This suit is made from regenerated polyester (78%) and LYCRA XTRA LIFE (22%).

What better motivation to buy this suit than knowing it's mermaid-approved! We sadly had to let Felicity go, but her legacy lives on through our Shimmer Ecotech sparkle Fly Back!

- Made using Ecotech fabric
- Recycled Yarn
- Pilling Resistant
- Chlorine resistant
- UPF 50+ fabric
- Front lined
- Medium leg height
- Fabric - 78% Polyester/22% LYCRA XTRA LIFE
- Style: 'Fly' - Sporty thin strap style ideal for training and outdoor swimming