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TYR Tracer B-Series Short John TBSJ6A
TYR Tracer B-Series Short John (Black (001))
Black (001)
TYR Tracer B-Series Short John (Black (001))
Black (001)

Brand: TYR

Product code:TBSJ6A


Metro price: $275.99-$275.99

Product Description:
TYR Tracer B-Series Short John

Tracer B-Series

No sewing or threads means greater drag reduction and a smooth, flawless finish. Each connecting seam is fused using HB (high-bond) micro-tape to weld fabric together ultrasonically.

Following the natural contours of the human body, the Tracer B-Series design leads the industry with an exclusive muscle-mapping pattern. Creating the most form-fitting suit fused throughout with ultra-sonic bonds, there is no sewing of parts to make a single suit. Athletes now have a smooth, flawless and seemingly continuously technology that is comprised of five pieces. Minimized seams, ultra-light bonding, and no stitching allows for an incredibly light yet functionally fitting technology.

79% Nylon / 21% LycraŽ Fiber

The Tracer Light shell and lining features a lightweight, hydrophobic and quick-drying fabrication. Woven with a powerful micro-filament, it has enhanced stretch properties and memory retention to promote longevity and form-fit.

Compression Panels:
Used in conjunction with the Four-Way Lock Seams, and intricately designed around the human musculature, these muscle-mapped panels will lock the core in with up to a 25% increase in zoned compression vs. a typical LycraŽ suit. Panels decrease body circumference by up to 5%. Compression generated by the suit decreases muscle undulation and helps improve blood flow and re-oxygenation of the muscle core.

Smooth, flat-bonded seams outline the suit to create a stitchless design that provides a fluid, drag-reducing fit. The inside of the seam are bonded then encased with HB (high-bond) micro-taping to provide ultimate hold that won't burst. The HB tape provides a consistently smooth stretch that leaves leg, arm, and neck openings a seamless transition from skin to fabric.

With industry exclusive muscle-mapping seams, the Tracer B-Series five-piece pattern design fits along the contours of the body to provide superior fit and reduce drag.