ARENA 3D Soft Cap 001125
ARENA 3D Soft Cap (Red (401))
Red (401)
ARENA 3D Soft Cap (White (105))
White (105)
ARENA 3D Soft Cap (Yellow (305))
Yellow (305)
ARENA 3D Soft Cap (Black (501))
Black (501)

Brand: Arena

Product code:001125


Regular price: $35.00

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Product Description:
The most advantageous hydrodynamic upgrade a swimmer can make is in their race cap of choice. The arena 3D racing cap family is molded to provide a no-wrinkle fit optimizing the hydrodynamics of your head. We aren?t saying that a cap is the only option, but outside of pushing your training limits in the pool its the easiest one to gain hydrodynamic advantage over your rivals.
The arena 3D Soft cap is revolutionizing the racing cap mold by delivering a more comfortable fitting cap. Easier to put on, increased flexibility and superior comfortable, as hydrodynamic as our 3D Ultra Race cap.